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Best Online Tax Software

Are you looking for the right tax preparation software for your situation? Are you tired of paying someone else to do your taxes and then waiting for them to get it finished? If so, then it's time to take control and get started with the best online tax software for your tax filing this year.

Best Tax Software ChoicesYou'll be surprised at the choices and quality of tax software on the market today. It's never too early in the season to get started looking at the different choices available.

Every company offers a variety of online tax filing software from the basic to the complex. It's just a matter of getting familiar with what each company offers, so you can choose the best online tax software program for your personal income tax filing needs.

You can choose anything from the free online tax filing for your federal tax forms, to a premium program that cover all kinds of deductions, freelance income, rental income or schedule C paperwork.

TurboTax Online Tax FilingDo you rent? Do you own a home? Do you have a lot of itemized deductions? The answers to each of these questions will help steer you toward the right software.

Is free online tax filing important to you? Or is it more important to have live chat help while you work through the tax filing process? There is a online tax software program tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you're online researching tax software programs, it's probably a given that you want to file your tax returns online. Be aware that federal tax filing is often included free in the package, but there will be a moderate fee to file your state tax forms online.

Even so, it will be significantly less than it costs you each year to have someone else do it for you. Wouldn't you rather keep that money for yourself? Well, you can! Choose wisely and the savings are yours.

Choosing The Best Online Tax Program

Listed here on this page are a variety of companies offering a wide selection of software programs for filing your taxes online. Here's some information on just a few of the listings:

TurboTax Online #1 In Sales

The TurboTax Online Basic edition is for simple returns and includes step-by-step guidance; the Deluxe version is for those who own homes, make donations or have medical deductions; the Premier version is for taxpayers who own stocks, bonds, mutual funds or rental properties; the Home + Business version is your best choice if you're a sole proprietor, consultant/freelancer or single owner LLC;. TurboTax - learn more >>

H&R Block #2 In Sales - Free program for simple tax needs, step-by-step guidance: Basic program imports your W-2, 1099, last year's return, with free tax advice; Deluxe program includes expert tax guidance for homeowners and investors; the Premium program is for the self-employed or rental property owner, with schedule C guidance and live tax help.

TaxBrain - The 1040 EZ is for single or married taxpayers with no kids, the 1040 Basic is for taxpayers with children, taxable interest, EIC and more, the 1040 Deluxe is for those with itemized deductions, capital gains, AMT, S-Corp and more, the 1040 Premium is for filers who are small business owners, freelancers, or have rental income.

CompleteTax - Free version for those filing the 1040 EZ with no children or dependants, the Basic program for those with children and itemized deductions, the Deluxe program for those with investments and retirement income, the Premium program for filers who are business owners and/or independent contractors.

It's common knowledge from market statistics that TurboTax Online has the top selling tax preparation products throughout the industry. However, it must be said that H&R Block comes in at second place for online sales. That being said, it should be noted that HR Block is the leader in local professional tax preparation with offices in literally every city around the country.


With HRBlock having that many professional tax preparers to draw on, it's no wonder they have a top performing suite of online tax preparation software programs to calculate income tax return refunds.


Best Tax Prep Software for Online Filing


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