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Top Online Tax Preparation Software

Top choices for the best online tax preparation software include two major players, TurboTax and H&R Block that continue to lead the market in sales and customer satisfaction.

Today's Top Rated Tax Preparation Software Brands

Depending on your tax filing needs, there are choices from free federal tax preparation for simple returns to robust income tax programs for investments and deductions to help you keep more of your hard eaned dollars. See which one will work best for you!

Online Tax Preparation Software

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buy nowTurboTax


#1 best selling tax software brand for online tax preparation

buy nowHR Block

#2 top selling online products plus local tax office professionals

buy nowTaxAct

  basic, deluxe and premium basic online tax return programs

buy nowE-Smart-Tax

  basic online tax filing for simple federal and state tax returns

buy nowe-file

  file simple federal and state income taxes all for one low price

buy nowe-file

  general filing and support for federal and state taxes plus e-filing

buy nowFreeTaxUSA

  basic simple income tax returns can be filed online for free

With top brands on the market today, choosing is easy. Most brands allow you to start your return with a basic edition to see if it will work for you. Should it be determined that a different edition would be better, any data entered is easily transferred to another edition if you should decide to upgrade.

With our top choices for online income tax preparation and filing, you will be guided through an interview process designed to eliminate areas of tax prep that don't apply to your filing needs in order to calculate your tax return refund and simplify your tax filing process.

Over the years, the best online tax software brand continues to dominate the market. TurboTax has been at the top for decades as the leader for online tax preparation and filing, and there is no sign of fading.

The IRS recommends eFiling as the most accurate and efficient way to file your federal tax return online.

Online tax preparation services have increased their tax software offerings as the IRS promotes this type of tax preparation since the old pencil and paper method generally results in more mistakes.

Many top tax software brands now offer free tax help and audit support as well as help with filing prior-year returns for those who are behind.

Most offer tax filing collaboration with the IRS through the Free File Alliance group where they agree to provide free federal tax preparation and eFiling to many taxpayers that meet the requirements.

The majority of the tax services we reviewed provide free 1040EZ federal tax preparation and filing. For the most part, if you file a simple federal return you only need to pay for preparing and filing your state return.

The best online tax preparation services and top tax software products guide you through the filing process step-by-step as they ask you simple questions to help guide you to maximize your deductions and credits.

They also check for inconsistencies and inaccuracies along with helpful articles that top tax software programs offer as comprehensive support.

 TurboTax and H&R Block are our top two choices.

Best Tax Prep Software for Online Filing


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